When A Baby Bird In Desperate Need Of Help Encountered An Unlikely Rescuer.

The five-minute video recorded by the visitor opens with the orangutan standing on a rock before it spots the baby bird in a puddle below and approaches the observation deck.

Apparently realizing the young bird was in trouble, the orangutan plucked a leaf from a nearby bush and tried to reach out his hand to bring it close to the young bird’s mouth.

Failing that, the orangutan then used the leaf as an oar, bringing the young bird closer before using its large hand to lift the young bird out of the water to the amazement of the crowd.

The orangutan then took the baby bird to a nearby lawn, sat down, and seemed confused by the hairy animal he had just helped. The crowd of spectators turned from astonishment to fear as the huge creature grabbed the young bird and brought it to its mouth, seemingly ready to eat.

A woman shouted: “Oh! No, no, no!”. However, the children in the back reassured her: “It (orangutan) will not harm the baby bird!”. And yes, in the end, the great orangutan put the little bird back in the grass.

The special video above immediately attracted the attention of netizens and had tens of thousands of views when it was posted on YouTube last weekend. Now zookeepers have taken the baby bird to a safe place to raise it.

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