After two births, the young mother has 7 great loves

The phrase “It will be hard to impress Digna Carpio this Mother’s Day – the Queens mom already has six jewels” alludes to the fact that Digna Carpio already has six children.

The phrase “Digna gave birth to sextuplets in October, six healthy babies who are really something to celebrate” refers to Digna Carpio, who delivered six healthy infants simultaneously in October.

“Just being together, having a quiet and relaxing day with all of my babies, is enough,” Digna, who is 31 years old, said in Spanish. She then added with a giggle, “But ‘relaxing’ and ‘quiet’ do not come easily to this house anymore.”

Six infants are filling Digna and Victor’s home, and they are growing used to it. The couple also has a son named Jhan Carlos, who is 8 years old.

Digna added, “It’s hard going out with six babies. “The best feeling is just knowing they are here with me, happy and healthy.”

On a recent afternoon, the babies were resting in six bassinets arranged in two neat rows in the family’s living room. Genesis was smiling, anticipating her feeding time, while Justin, who is usually quiet, waited patiently. When Jaden started crying, Joel, Jezreel, and Danelia followed suit.

“Each one is developing their own personality,” their mom said. “To others, they look the same. I already know who is who.”

Digna and Victor acknowledge that their happiness has required sacrifice. The bills keep coming in, and 35-year-old Victor’s $900 biweekly pay as a maintenance worker may not be enough to handle the large expenses like $5,000 for energy, money for baby food, and all those diapers.

The Carpio infants, who are thought to be the first Hispanic sextuplets in American history, are only the second set of sextuplets to be born to a New York couple.

The parents are assisted in caring for the babies by two nurses from Visiting Nurses of New York. However, Digna and Victor are aware that sleep will be a luxury after they depart at 6 o’clock.

Digna responded, “I don’t want to feel overwhelmed. “I’m already assuming I’ll need a van or a bus to transport them to school,” the parent said.

Digna and Victor are aware that they won’t have enough money for a while, but seeing the gorgeous faces of their children makes everything worthwhile.

“There are times when I think I’m going to lose my mind, but then I look at them. The nicest feeling ever, according to Digna. It is the ideal mother’s day present.

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