The adorable baby elephant is so sleepy that its mother keeps trying to wɑke it up, but it refɑses to get up

Have you ever experienced such exhaustion that sleep becomes irresistible?

That’s me almost every day. Similarly, a small elephant found himself in a state of extreme tiredness, struggling to keep his eyes open.

As young ones often do, he decided it was time for a nap. However, there was a catch – it wasn’t the designated nap time.

To take a nap, he needed his mother’s approval. Unfortunately, his mother firmly rejected the idea. There were pressing matters to attend to, and a nap simply wasn’t on the agenda!

The little one tries to fight his sleepiness in the video, but he keeps laying down and closing his eyes.

It is so cute! But the rest of the herd isn’t having any of this sleepy nonsense! You can see the entire herd trying to keep this baby awake in the video below.

This little baby isn’t the first elephant to ignore his mama for a nap! Maybe these sleepy elephants just need a better night’s sleep! Their handlers should consider singing them a lullaby, like this woman who sings to her elephant.

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