My Pet Owl adopted a sixth little owlet that came in about two weeks ago and raised it together with the other five

My Grass Owl male has done an excellent job of raising Mira’s five babies. He actually adopted a sixth little owlet that came in about two weeks ago and raised it together with the other five as if all of them were his own.

For him, and them, it didn’t matter that they were of a different species.

They are now almost ready to be placed out. Three of them will be matched up with the 3 Barn Owl orphans that were rescued from Elliot a few weeks ago and one will be matched up with the sixth little owlet that came in last.

I still have to find a suitable partner for the fifth owlet but as soon as I can match him up, he and his mate will be released somewhere safe.

Unfortunately I can’t release any more owls here on the farm as there are already too many owls here.

Fortunately I have quite a few farmers that are very eager to build hacking aviaries at their sheds and accommodate these owls.

The return of Barn owls to their natural habitat have a very high success rate, especially if you can successfully pair them together and provide them with a suitable nest box and a safe place with lots of food.
Today’s video shows the six youngsters together, with the new orphan 3rd from the right.

I put the Crowned Eagle on antibiotics and he is swallowing much better. There might be some very interesting news about him coming up in the next few days, so keep in touch.

Thanks to the Channel : The Caring Owl
Watch the video below for the full story !!!!

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