A curious baby seal can’t let go of a snow toy

Gray seals are commonly found along the shores of the North Atlantic Ocean and are often referred to as true seals or earless seals. These endearing marine creatures give birth to only one pup each year.

Recently, one such pup was discovered frolicking in the snow. The baby gray seal displayed great playfulness, rapidly gaining weight. Additionally, this young marine animal exhibited curiosity and a keen interest in engaging with the snow.

The chubby baby seal stumbled upon a small snowball, entertaining itself by attempting to nibble on it to experience the taste of snow. Eventually, the little one rolled over onto its back, seemingly admiring the expansive sky.

However, after a while, the young seal returned to its initial position and resumed playing with the snowball. Unfortunately, it became far more engrossed in its toy than in appreciating the beautiful surroundings.

Using its nose, the seal nudged the snowball and tried to manipulate its movement. Despite rolling on the ground, the baby animal never diverted its gaze from the snowball. In due time, it appeared as if a fresh layer of snow had fallen.

The ground was blanketed in white, and the baby gray seal looked exquisite as it endeavored to shape and mold its snow plaything. The little one continued rolling the snowball across the ground

In the process, the seal enlarged the snowball’s size. Now the adorable creature had a larger toy to play with. The baby seal appeared joyful and satisfied, having created a masterpiece.

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