5.9m python caught alive after swallowing a domestic goat

5.9m python caught alive after swallowing a domestic goat

The 77kg boa constrictor was captured on a farm after swallowing a goat and was left immobilized.

(Video: Jɑbatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysiaɑ Negeri Johor)

Đội cứu hộ bắt trăn gấm mò vào trang trại.

On the same day, the Johor State Fire and Rescue Agency in Malaysia shared videos and photos of officials sedating the python and moving it away from residential areas. According to Newsweek, the python was so heavy that it took seven people to handle it.

On the morning of September 28, rescuers were called to a goat farm in Kulai, Johor. A farmer has lost a female goat and is convinced a boa constrictor swallowed it. After driving the python out of the sheep shed, the rescue team took out the goat carcass from the python’s mouth.

Rescue teams caught the python that had entered the farm.
Rescue teams caught the python that had entered the farm.

The rescue team caught the python that had sneaked into the farm.
The spotted python is native to Southeast Asia, although it lives in woodlands, grasslands, and rainforests. They are highly adapted to many different habitats. In Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysian Borneo, golden pythons live in sewers. They are carnivorous and prey mainly on birds and mammals. They evolved jaws that could move independently of each other to swallow large prey. Their mandibles are not fixed, but are loosely held together by flexible ligaments that allow them to open much larger than normal. Like all snakes, the python is not venomous and kills its prey by suffocation.

The spotted python is one of the longest python species in the world, usually up to 6m in size. The golden python holds the record for a length of more than 9.8 m, while the longest and heaviest captive individual is Medusɑ of Kansas at 8.2 m long and 158 kg. Despite being hunted extensively for their skins, the golden python has maintained a relatively stable population. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) lists them as “least concern” on its list of endangered species.


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