32 Most Beautiful Ferns To Grow 

If you are looking for beautiful, low-maintenance plants to grow in containers, ferns are an excellent choice. Ferns are versatile and hardy plants that can thrive in various soil and light conditions. In this article, we will discuss the top 7 ferns that you can grow in containers.

  1. Lady Fern

Lady Fern is a finely textured ornamental foliage plant that can easily grow in containers. This plant prefers part shade and moist soil, and it is recommended to choose a small to medium-sized pot or hanging basket for planting. You can also pair it with plants that have flowers in warmer colors, such as yellow, red, and orange, for an attractive container arrangement in the shade.

  1. Shaggy Shield Fern

Also known as Black Wood Fern, Shaggy Shield Fern is an evergreen fern that sports medium-sized clumps of mild green, lacy fronds borne on black stems. It has an arching habit and a stiff appearance that offsets the bright colors of the interiors. This fern can be grown in an average-sized container, using moist, well-drained potting soil, and it prefers a partially shaded spot.

  1. Scaly Male Fern

Scaly Male Fern is a versatile fern with yellowish-green fronds and dark pinnae. It grows best in cool temperatures and adopts a compact, petite form, making it an excellent choice for containers. While it can tolerate some sun and wind, it is recommended to choose a cool and shady spot for growing Scaly Male Fern in hot climates.

  1. Sunset Fern

Native to the Himalayas, India, and Western China, Sunset Fern is a beautiful foliage plant that forms a shuttlecock of delicate, arching fronds. This fern appears coppery-red at first and then matures into a dark green color, making it an eye-catchy burst of colors in the semi-shade spots. It can be planted in small groups or as a solo prime specimen, and it prefers moist soil.

  1. Hay Scented Fern

Hay Scented Fern is a fragrant fern that has the typical fragrance of hay, especially at the end of the growing season when the fronds are developing a rusty-brown color. It grows up to 1 – 3 feet tall and prefers partial sun and consistent moisture. In fall, the fronds adopt an orange hue, providing a stunning background to ordinary green plants.

  1. Dallas Fern

Dallas Fern is a heat-loving fern that flaunts short fronds with a frilly appearance. It is more compact in nature than Boston Fern and is less likely to shed leaves than other closely related ferns. It prefers indirect light and uniform watering, but it can manage to thrive in less light and moisture too.

  1. Kimberley Queen Fern

Originated from Australia, Kimberley Queen Fern is an elegant fern that flaunts upright, deep-green fronds that retain their form in wind and hail. While it prefers shade, it can do well if exposed to full sun for some time, as long as it gets regular water. It is a vigorous and highly adaptable grower and a great choice for growing in containers as a houseplant or outside.

In conclusion, ferns are excellent choices for container gardening, and the seven ferns mentioned above are low-maintenance and can thrive in various soil and light conditions. Whether you prefer fragrant ferns or those with striking colors, there is a fern out there for you. Just remember to choose the right container size and soil type, and your ferns will flourish in no time.

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