12 Innovative Plant Hanging Techniques That Won’t Ruin Your Ceiling or Wall

Drilling holes in the wall or ceiling to hang plants can make them look ugly. So, is there any alternative? Yes! Many! Check out these Clever Plant Hanging Hacks that Won’t Damage Your Ceiling or Wall!

1. Floating Shelves

Clever Plant Hanging Hacks that Won't Damage Your Ceiling or Wall

Using a floating shelf is an excellent way to hang your plants and add that beautiful charm to the house. You can choose to hang the plants and containers in front of a bright, sunny window that would allow them to receive enough sunlight.

You can use either a magnetic hook or an adhesive one to avoid drilling into your wall and ceiling.

2. Magnetic Hooks

Magnetic hooks are considered to be able to hold anything weighing between 20-100 pounds. You can attach the hook to a metal fixture or an air vent to hang in your favorite houseplants inside your home.

Use a loop to place the plants in a hanging basket.

3. Macrame Plant Holders

Clever Plant Hanging Hacks that Won't Damage Your Ceiling or Wall 2

Macrame plant holders could also be a great option for many as it not only saves you the trouble of putting holes in your walls or ceilings but also adds a uniqueness to your home!

4. Adhesive Hook

Adhesive hooks are a perfect solution to your ceiling as they are also adjustable. You can buy some online or from the nearest hardware store.

After you get the hooks, peel off the back of the sticky part, hang from the ceiling and hang the pot using a twine.

5. Tension Rods

Clever Plant Hanging Hacks that Won't Damage Your Ceiling or Wall 3

When you cannot attach a magnet, you can use tension rods. You can check out this inexpensive and damage-free option and purchase some online or from a hardware store. These rods are usually used for hanging curtains, clothes, or even dividing rooms but hanging plants work just fine.

It comes in handy for most places where attaching an adhesive hook or magnetic one is just not an option.

6. Put a Coat Rack to Use

It is another creative idea to use a coat rack that is lying around to hang your plants from. It not only looks amazing but also saves you the trouble of punching holes in the wall. You can even use some planters with loops to hook them onto the coat rack extensions.

7. Suction Cup Hangers

Clever Plant Hanging Hacks that Won't Damage Your Ceiling or Wall 4

Suction cup hangers are a perfect option for hanging plants. These cups are best for smooth surfaces and it is safe to use them as it does not require making any holes anywhere.

Use them on glass windows for the best display!

8. Clothing Rack Vertical Garden

Creatively use a clothing rack to make a vertical garden and hang beautiful plants from the rods on the top of the rack. It is a great way to repurpose a used clothing rack and avoid drilling holes in your home.

9. S-Hooks

Clever Plant Hanging Hacks that Won't Damage Your Ceiling or Wall 5

Use S-hooks to hang planters on railings or any part of the house and avoid drilling anymore around to hang plants.

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