10 bırds specıes whose desıgnations dᴇmonstrate that ornıthologists possᴇss a grᴇat sᴇnse of humor

Birds are known for their diverse range of names, with some reflecting their physical features, habitat, or behavior. However, there are some species whose names are downright humorous, and it’s hard to believe that they were chosen by serious ornithologists. Here are 12 bird species with names that will make you chuckle.

Typical Swift
As the name suggests, the Typical Swift is a common species found throughout much of the world. It is known for its incredible speed and maneuverability in flight.

European Shag
The European Shag is a seabird found along the coastlines of Europe. Its name might sound funny, but it accurately describes the bird’s ungainly appearance on land.

Rough-Faced Shag
Another shag species, the Rough-Faced Shag is named for the rough, scaly skin around its eyes and beak.

Common Loon
Despite its name, the Common Loon is actually quite unusual in appearance and behavior. It is known for its haunting calls and distinctive black and white plumage.

Red-Rumped Bush-Tyrant
This small songbird is found in parts of South America and is named for its distinctive red rump. It is also known for its unique vocalizations.

Noisy Pitta
The Noisy Pitta is a colorful bird found in parts of Asia and Australia. As its name suggests, it is known for its loud, raucous calls.

Noisy Miner
This Australian bird is known for its social behavior and loud calls. It is often seen in groups, and its name reflects its noisy nature.

Spangled Drongo
The Spangled Drongo is a bird found in parts of Asia and Australia. Its name might sound silly, but it accurately describes its shiny, iridescent plumage.

Hoary Puffleg
This small hummingbird is found in parts of South America and is named for its hoary, or grayish-white, appearance.

Despite being a common and widespread bird, the Swallow’s name still reflects its distinctive forked tail and aerial acrobatics.

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