Guide to Playing Racing Game Traffic Rider on Android

Traffic Rider is a genre of high-speed terrain racing game. When you experience, you will see a high level of interaction between the controller and the game, between one player and another player. In particular, after watching the instructions for playing Traffic Rider racing game, you will wish you own all the super cars in the game and wish to have real life.

Brief introduction to the terrain racing game Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider racing game by Soner Kara company and currently has a review of 2 million 5-star votes on CH Play. From there you also know the top of this 3D motorcycle racing game. Especially when you experience on super beautiful large displacement motorcycles.

On Android, there are many racing games today, but it is mainly attractive in the car genre (Asphalt 8, Need for Speed, …). As for motorcycle games, the graphics are very poor or unpopular with gamers. Coming to Traffic Rider, you will experience the ultimate motorcycle racing environment with a very comfortable way of displaying ads, not causing trouble while playing the game.

Good graphics quality

Graphics quality is rated “free of criticism” by gamers. From landscapes, vehicles, terrain to weather are depicted very authentically. You will feel like you are holding the wheel, not the character.

You will experience more than 20 different vehicles from the most corny to the top. Do not be sad when you first run a normal car, after many stages with accumulated bonuses, you have the right to “upgrade” a newer car for yourself.

Immersive, lifelike sound

And yet, the sound of the super cars in the game is very realistic like real-life models. According to the developer, they have silently recorded real-life cars to put into the game. Although it is a racing game, your main skill is just to control your car on all the smoothest paths possible.

On the racetrack, there are many effects such as dodging, dodging the cars and accidents like the real thing. So many dramatic phases that it can startle you.

Extremely delicious super car

To buy the super cars that I have always dreamed of, surely the price you spend must be very high. Try to accumulate bonuses after the races. To get more bonus points, you have to dodge cars of the same direction and the opposite direction well. If the distances are closer, the bonus will be higher. Remember, you only earn points when the car reaches 100km / h or more.

In addition to choosing a vehicle, players can freely choose different locations and weather to experience. Especially at night, racing is often overlooked and many other objects get in the way. People will have 40 missions to do from easy to difficult in the Android motorcycle racing game Traffic Rider.

A simple Guide to playing the game Traffic Rider for beginners

When you first enter the game, you will immediately see the map, this will be the milestones you must overcome. You must win one race before you can unlock it in another. The milestones with the letter G mean that you have completed the task, if nothing is displayed then the task you are working on and the padlock is the task has not been opened yet.

Right handlebar: accelerates, if you let go of the steering wheel, reduce the increments until stopping.

Left handlebar: brake slowly or you can mean the brake slows down. Playing, you have to play both hands to be professional and like a real driver, but one hand with both throttle and winning is not very professional.

Symbol of horns: warns you are approaching crowded areas. Of course, if you see a passer-by or a car, honk your horn far enough for people to avoid it.

Start truck icon: This icon signals that you must accelerate to full gas, run until the circle on the screen turns purple before you can start.

On the track, the finish flag will be displayed: the levels are usually timed, so try to pass the flags that can add time, run until you reach the final flag. In terms of game mechanics, when you dash through other cars you will still get extra time (but depending on the screen).


If the car racing game with beautiful graphics has Asphalt 8 at the top, with the 3D off-road motorcycle racing game genre, Traffic Rider is dominating. The game has a fairly light capacity, so gamer players can install and experience carefree. If your device has a memory card, please download it through the memory card to lighten the phone memory.

Above are some instructions to play Traffic Rider racing game, what do you think about this game. Please add comments in the section below.