Starshark – attractive deal

Hello everyone – for those who know and even don’t know Game Crypto. I’ve been following this game since October 2021 because I see it being invested by Binance Lab, playing from December 22, 2021 right from the game release.

The capital spent more than $ 10k to buy 5 shark teams, so far has collected $ 2k8 in the wallet (partly because the price of the token has increased sharply despite the burning market in the past few days). And there are still about 1k4 tokens I hold (this place is currently selling for 1k8$). So, roughly, after 15 days, I got 4k6$, nearly half of my initial investment. I hope to earn more in the future.
This game is beautiful, better than AXS. Funded by Binance Lab investment fund and just opened the portal for a few days (The bets on Binance Labs have not been sold yet, most of them won big). Up to now, the NFT price has been stable, I went in early to buy Fish a bit high but it was not a problem. Sell ​​NFT and make a profit. But I don’t sell it, I keep plowing because its ROI is too good. 1 Team 3 fish invest about 1k5$, earn 35-40 SEA every day, SEA price fluctuates from 0.8 – 1.5 and are controlled by funds in this price range, there is no discharge and no fomo.
This game is not easy to play, you must use your brain. From choosing fish, building a team to combining skills to win, there must be a certain skill, not a click to earn type. Those who play well make money faster, if they play poorly and lose, they don’t lose money, but it takes time to play again until they win. Let’s try to access to find out carefully, if you find it difficult to play the game or build a team, then contact me, I will support you, of course, with a fee, not a fee. Free story for this good deal.
Because it’s a good game, I dragged all my relatives and friends to play it, so you don’t need to say that to me 😂. Now I write a PR article to lure you guys. This is INVESTMENT ADVICE, not a disclaimer!
no need to consider anything, let’s fight!!!!