FMS to Earn – IDO project for the biggest football event!

The first IDO project on MSCPad is FMS to Earn – this is an NFT game with Free-to-play & Free-to-Earn mechanics, allowing players to immerse themselves in the ultimate king sport through the application of the latest blockchain technology.
A top notch Soccer GameFi project. Draw with Worldcup 2022 promises to bring a big hit.
The project has great Backers standing behind to support and pour capital, including Polygon.

To prepare for the upcoming FMS To Earn, BHOPad has also opened the Staking feature so that investors can be ready to participate in IDO as soon as the sale is announced.

Join Staking TODAY on BHOPad to receive an annual interest rate (APY) up to 20% and a definite purchase rate of the IDO opening round!
BHOPad is currently offering 4 staking packages with flexible term (minimum 14 days and maximum 180 days). Link to participate in staking:

IDO is a perfect solution for retail investors who want to invest with high returns but need a solid guarantee mechanism.
With the Guaranteed Allocation mechanism, BHO Pad ensures that investors “who have participated in staking will definitely receive IDO slots.” Join staking with a minimum amount of only 50k BHO and you are already eligible for IDO slots.

Pool weight is the IDO allocation ratio. Pool weight has a basic unit of 1. The amount allocated for each 1 unit of pool weight will be calculated according to the formula: Total capital raised in the round / total weight of wallets participating in the fundraising round.
The higher the staking level, the larger the pool weight, the more investors will be bought.

You can refer to the details of the Footearn game here:

I think in the near future crypto will combine more and more deeply with the entertainment field: music, gamefi, esports, … so this Footearn game may start a new trend, especially the 2022 Worldcup season which is being very popular. Those who wait, the number of gamers in this esports segment is also huge.