Top of the Best Racing Games for PC, Smartphones 2020

You are a speed lover and want to try the feeling of adventure. Then the racing games will be very suitable for your interests. In order to meet the needs of everyone, today gamezity will introduce to you some of the hottest racing games today, will definitely make you satisfied.

TOP 3 Best racing game for Android phone 2020

1. Hill Climb Racing 2 – Attractive off-road racing game

With this game, you will feel that both playing and entertainment is very appropriate, you will not be too stressed while playing the game so it will be very suitable. Hill Climb Racing 2 is also designed very simply, easy to see, easy to play in a cartoon style and images that always suit the eyes of the player.

In the game, you will be with your players racing on the tortuous, difficult, difficult hills but bring a lot of true feeling.

It sounds simple, but the game requires a lot of skill from gamers, when you first play you will have to know the keys to move and play many times will gradually get used to and level up very quickly, you will enjoy the feeling. conquer now.

In addition, one advantage of this racing game that you cannot ignore, is that it can be played smoothly on any type of machine, be it a computer, or your normal phone because This game does not require too high a configuration. So, even if you use an inexpensive phone, you can still play this game quickly.

Download game Hill Climb Racing 2

2. Asphalt 8 Airborne – The ultimate racing game on Mobile

Asphalt 8 Airborne is a game rated by the gaming community as one of the games worth downloading to play in the Asphalt series from Gameloft, this is what you should pay attention to. The game with sophisticated graphic design, eye-catching, top notch because of the sharp image, harmonious match and the best sound system will make players surprise.

Joining Asphalt 8 Airborne, you can experience the outstanding features of a top racing game with many unique elements such as:

A rich vehicle system, consisting of more than 95 supercars and constantly adding new cars, so you are spoiled for satisfaction with beautiful cars, playing long without feeling bored.

The controls in the game are extremely smooth, flexible, and smooth, so it can create a lot of excitement.

Race while listening to top music is one of the great plus points in this game.

Download game Asphalt 8

3. Beach Buggy Blitz – Funny racing game

There is a racing game you can not ignore in this article: Beach Buggy Blitz. Let’s find out the advantages in this racing game.

Beach Buggy Blitz is known as a popular racing game in the racing game world recently. All that because it is designed according to the extremely beautiful cartoon graphics, suitable to the needs of the player, but also very cute but also has a lot of flair and ingenuity in the design.

Joining this game, you will be spoiled for being immersed in fast-paced races on different terrains such as beaches, deserts, snowy hills … That creates a lot of excitement for players, not causing boring but interesting, creating a feeling of wanting to conquer the game.

In this game there will often be a relatively rich vehicle system for everyone to choose from, surely in the future you will be upgraded depending on your level of play. In addition, an attraction that creates an attraction for this game you should not miss, is that on the track you can pick up available trophies to make it difficult, to trap the opponent similar to the title. famous racing game Zingspeed. Surely you will like this, rarely does the race stress hack brain but not lose the entertainment in the game.

Top 3 Best Car Racing Games for PC Laptop 2020

1. RoadRash 2017 – Legendary mobile racing game

If you were born in the 8x, 9x era, you will definitely know this game. This is a classic racing game once that many generations of speed enthusiasts want to try it once.

Currently RoadRash has an upgraded and more complete version of 2017 in terms of visuals, gameplay errors and equipment in the game. With many different terrains, you will not feel bored when playing the game, moreover you can use weapons or do all kinds of ways to prevent opponents from surpassing you. The game combines racing and action very attractive, download the game now and play.

2. Team Sonic Racing – Race with Sonic

If you have seen the cartoon Sonic, you probably know that Sonic character runs very fast right. And this game is also a new race for Sonic but will not be running but racing. The game is inspired by the hugely popular Sonic series from Sega.

In the game, you can transform into 15 different characters in the game to compete and complete your missions. With simple graphics, easy-to-understand gameplay, you don’t have to be too good at it, too clever to play this game like Asphase 8.

3. MotoGP ™ 20 – MotoGP racing game with great graphics

A racing game with amazing graphics called MotoGP ™ 20. If you are a fan of the 2-wheeled genre, then surely you know the MotoGP racing, which is similar to Formula 1 (F1) with 4 wheeled cars.

The game has a capacity of up to 16GB so surely the graphics needn’t be said. Let’s take a look at the minimum configuration that the game can run and the configuration for the game to run smoothly.

The general configuration is also very good, I installed and fought very smoothly on the I3 9100F, if you do not have, you can go to to find products and buy offline.