A Funny Racing Game with Extreme Entertainment

One such game is Hill Climb Racing, a simple endless car driving game that requires the user to drive a car on a hilly terrain without toppling or breaking the neck. Spurred by its popularity, the game’s developer Fingersoft, a Finnish start-up, has now released its sequel Hill Climb Racing 2.

Following the first version with more than 500 million downloads worldwide, the publisher Fingersoft has added many new and attractive elements to Hill Climb Racing 2.

Hill Climb Racing 2 is currently one of the most popular 2D graphics games in the world today with simple gameplay combining diverse physics interactions.

Available as a free download in Android and iOS, the new game is not just a visually richer game but also marks a shift from the endless driving genre to the racing genre.

Hill Climb Racing 2 will still own the gameplay similar to its predecessor. Accordingly, the player will control the jeep to conduct climbing passes with virtual keys to increase the gas and brake. The player will still have to pay attention to the up, downhill phases and align the movement speed properly otherwise the vehicle will tip over.

In addition to the speed, the amount of fuel also determines whether the player’s driving is favorable or not, the red oil cans are programmed on the road for players to “ eat ”. Inheriting most of the features from part 1, Hill Climb Racing 2 still requires players to constantly upgrade spare parts for their cars such as tires, wheels, engines in gold coins. Depending on the level of the widget that will cost you a different amount of gold, the maximum level of these devices is 20.

If in the first version, the player will have to move on the valley, in this part 2 the number of environments for players to experience will be richer. Not simply the process of going up and down like part 1, Hill Climb Racing 2 brings a multitude of terrain types in scenes such as hills, plains, ferry bridges, and the number of obstacles is up to the row. Dozens of types with many different sizes. Depending on the terrain conditions such as altitude, slope, obstacles, suspension bridge, physical interactions also change, making it harder for the player to play.

The number and types of vehicles that players can flexibly convert to use for racing include cars, motorcycles, … and plows. Players can make their cars cooler in the Vehicle category. At the same time, the appearance of the driver’s character is also customized such as changing the costume in the Driver section.

Another new feature of Hill Climb Racing 2 compared to the first version is that players can send invitations to race with their friends. This makes the game more competitive and it is the skill and ingenious calculation of the player that will decide to win besides upgrading the vehicle’s equipment.

Improved graphics

The game sticks to the same side-angel view on the car moving on a hilly terrain. Only, this time, the graphics no longer look flat. It looks a lot more happening and lively. The presence of houses, trees and farms in the background and animals grazing in front of the hill gives it the look and feel of a three dimensional game. The cars look a lot more detailed too. Even the controls look a lot bigger and animated. Though control was never an issue with the game as it was more about understanding the mechanics of how the car will land from a certain height at a certain speed.

New gameplay

The departure from being an endless driving game to a multi-player racing game is quite impressive. The races are short but the terrain continues to be testing and treacherous as the predecessor. The gameplay is difficult but a lot more fun. The matches are really close as the racing tracks are short and the way the cars behave is also totally different. Over speeding at a slope can topple your car backwards.

Hill Climb Racing 2 is a perfect time killer for racing fans who don’t have the time, patience or a powerful smartphone to play a full-fledged racing game like Real Racing 3 or F1 2016. The fact that Hill Climb Racing 2 is free to play and takes up only 121 MB after installation makes it perfect for casual gamers.

Although only owns a 2D graphics platform, the scenery in Hill Climb Racing 2 is quite fresh, colorful and extremely diverse. Currently, the game has been released on the Google Play app and can be downloaded for free here.