Top 10 Card Game Portals to be desired most 2020

For game lovers to exchange rewards, finding a reputable game portal to accompany is the first thing they think of. Let Gamezity present you the most prestigious redemption game portals voted by the gaming community. Choose for yourself a game portal like that and plow right now my friends!

The evaluation criteria voted by the community are as follows:

  • Minimum game downloads from 100,000 times or more
  • Prestigious and long-standing NPH has a clear development orientation
  • Fanpage or community site with activity
  • Transparent, fast, safe deposit and withdrawal
  • Game portal has smooth operation and operation
  • The game is compatible with all platforms, devices, transmission lines
  • Timely, friendly, 24/7 support

King.Fun | – International redemption game portal

The change of domain name from Go.Win to King.Tips is part of the long-term upgrade roadmap of this famous international redemption game portal. Along with the new domain name which is more classy, ​​easier to remember, this prestigious international game portal also improves the graphics in the game portal, increasing the number of games to more than 100 game slots for real rewards, enriching. more games to redeem bonus fish, upgrade mini games and increase the quality for games to spin the jar – explosion.

Coming to King.Fun gate, you will be served like god by quality 5-star redemption services. The game portal has many forms of bonus payment suitable for many different types of gamers. All of the game portal’s bonus redemption methods are at a very high level compared to the market.

King.Tips owns a professional and reputable level 1 agent system, evenly distributed in almost all areas of the country. Receive money through the agent, you will enjoy many preferential policies, change the scratch card full of 6 mobile carriers with unlimited face value.

BinGo Club | World-class prize-winning fish shooting game portal

Being present in the Vietnamese market quite early, but not so that the attraction of BinGo Club has decreased over time. On the contrary, thanks to a reputable NPH, along with a team of experienced game developers, the game portal is continually being perfected and attracting more and more players. BinGo Club owns a high-quality graphical interface, eye-catching realistic images, gameplay that simulates almost exactly the money-hunting games in the supermarket that you have ever played.

The game portal is equipped with features to redeem rewards with high safety and reliability. This has been noted by players from all over the country. All card exchange operations are done directly with the NPH, without intermediaries and no transaction fees. Currently, the BinGo Club portal supports super-fast card recharge and exchange at all mobile carriers in the country, with the smallest redeemable par value of 20k and the highest is 500k. In particular, BinGo does not limit the number of redemption times per day, you can hunt as many fish that can be exchanged for a custom recharge card.

Go88 | Online gambling paradise

The Go88 bookie is the most powerful giant to appear in the game market in Vietnam. With the current loud media campaign, soon Go88 will proclaim the king in the game-changing village which is extremely active today. The potential of this dealer is not easy when you cover every corner of the game industry, you will more or less overwhelmed when coming to this giant playground.

Go88 is indeed the most attractive redemption game portal today. Currently, when registering an account, you will receive 50k real fresh paddy. Plus there is no fee deposit and withdrawal. In addition, joining Go88’s fanpage, you will receive thousands of giftcodes immediately. Go88 deposit and withdrawal transactions have been taken to a new level, lightning fast and 24/7 with all types of transactions you want.

ZoWin | The great card game is absolutely safe

The point that makes ZoWin stand out from all the other game portals in the redemption game market is its absolute legitimacy and safety. Clearly, it’s no coincidence that in all ZoWin’s ads, ZoWin’s announcement claims that playing cards at ZoWin is legal and safe.

To affirm its No. 1 position, ZoWin has tried a lot to perfect the online payment gateway, quickly top up and withdraw (redeem) money, creating comfort and trust from the gaming community. redemption post. The most noteworthy as well as the most prominent point of the most popular redemption game card download portal today is that it does not charge any fees when gamers deposit and withdraw money. The community greatly appreciated and responded enthusiastically to this game portal, there is a reason for it.

FA88 Club | Super Product Game Card Redemption New Year 2020

FA88.Club’s mission when born was to create a gambling paradise for players. The place to experience the best quality from every stage of content to form. Therefore, when participating here, players will experience the extremely high quality and class reward exchange. Helping players easily get the results of their gaming in the fastest, highest rate.


Fast top-up, withdrawal and withdrawal in various forms of convenient MoMo e-wallet, banking, phone scratch card. fast process within seconds.

Redeem unlimited scratch card with face value with 3 operators Viettel, Vina, Mobi.

In particular, FA88 club transactions without intermediaries, so players can be assured of the security of their deposit and withdrawal at the game portal and fully enjoy their bonuses.


SunWin | World-class Macao card game

SunWin is a reputable online redemption game portal developed and sponsored by SunCity Corporation, a conglomerate or rather a big bookmaker from Macau. SunCity Group has been rated as the Most Prestigious International House of 2013 by the World Casino Association. Just this little information is enough for you to feel the level of this international game portal.


In addition to world-class games that have long been a trademark, SunWin is also especially dedicated to the Vietnamese gaming community for familiar, easy-to-play, easy-to-win games, reputable prize-winning games. The number of games at the SunWin game portal is quite large, enough to satisfy the passion of the game community to exchange rewards. Let’s examine right away.

Best Club | Most prestigious – Most green ripe

Nhat Club is the only redemption game portal in Vietnam that has held the X10 event so far. This spirit of playfulness is also true of the slogan of the game portal: “Nhat Uy Tin – Nhat Xanh Chin”. The gaming community that welcomed this launch was also very enthusiastic. Currently Nhat Club’s Android app has more than 100,000 installs, more than 6,000 5 * ratings. So the other slogan is not an advertisement for fun, is it?


To attract such a large number of players, and is gradually becoming the most popular redemption portal for card games, Nhat Club has also invested quite a lot. Graphics in the game are extremely excellent, attractive and outstanding, proving to have been invested quite a lot. The theme of designing the games brings all shades from American cowboy Lucky Luke to ancient China with hero of the Three Kingdoms Dien Nghia period. Make sure you will be impressed.

Big79 Club | International game portal 5 *

Not long released but Big79 | Big Club attracted a large number of players. Simply because this international redemption game portal gathers all kinds of games from shooting fish, card games to game slot redemption. So all in one, you don’t need to switch to another game portal because Big Club already has it.


Of course, in addition to the easy game quality, beautiful and attractive graphics, there are many other factors to reach the 5 * standard. Big Club is not a dream, although new, but experience is not lacking. The deposit and withdrawal in the game is extremely fast, too easy for gamers. The total number of level 1 agencies has surpassed 27 nationwide. Friendly, fun, enthusiastic 24/7 support team is always available.


In addition, events, events, giftcode are all released daily. 1: 1 deposit programs, extra coins are always available. Big Club (Big79) also commits to support withdrawing ATMs, Momo, … as soon as customers request. Cool!

Rich To Club | No worries – Just worry about RICH

GiauTo Club is a game portal full of features of a trendy game portal. Moreover, the game portal features are raised to a new level.

Rich To Club develops cross-platform games, suitable for all types of devices and all operating systems. The game installer is streamlined, reduced in size for easy loading, easy to install, and easy to store. But not so that the game’s features or graphics quality are reduced. Carefully invested, the graphic interface is the pride of the NPH game GiauTo. Rich To Club’s graphic interface will definitely increase the excitement for gamers in every explosion.

The Rich To Club’s super speed automatic top-up and withdrawal feature is not a problem to complain about. Simple, fast, quick, convenient loading. Withdraw and exchange forms from bank transfer, card exchange to exchange through agents spread across the country. Of course, the agent and support team of is as professional and enthusiastic as any game portal.

Events, events and giftcode are given by GiauTo daily, at many different time frames. Don’t worry about running out of code, just afraid you don’t have time. In the game, you will be given a lot of money with giftcode to start a wealthy business. The Lucky Spins feature is also a place for you to plow money for free, without worrying about burning your pocket. The vibrant fanpage of GiauTo Club is also a place for you to make friends and relax after the giant jar of smashing.

M365 Win | International game portal 5 * is developed by NPH and is also Southeast Asia’s largest bookmaker. This NPH has also caused monuments such as GamVip, R88 … As a new name at the present time, surely M365 will quickly occupy market share in the game industry in exchange for rewards with the advantages of latecomers.

The graphics and sound of the M365 must be said to be the top of the top. The graphics and sound quality of this game port is impeccable, and is somewhat superior to other game ports. Towards the player experience above all else, the gameplay of M365 is simple, easy to play, easy to win. It is completely free to try before you break the jar and jerk the Jackpot.

M365 also comprehensively upgraded the security system in the game. Gamers will be completely assured to play and win, no need to worry about any further problems. The deposit and withdrawal mechanism here has also been upgraded and completed, diversifying payment gateways with many different forms. Just like the seniors, M365 also has great events, immense giftcode for players.