Resident Evil 7 – The Worthy Successor of the Legend

Released in 2017, Resident Evil 7 became one of the first blockbuster games playable entirely in virtual reality. Even for those who know nothing about it, Resident Evil 7 will still be a memorable and great experience to try.

Resident Evil is a name that weighs in with any gamer in general and the followers of the horror series in particular. When the last 2 parts of RE are judged to be increasingly losing their horror and penchant for shooting and killing too much, Resident Evil 7, right from the launch of the trailer and demo, has stirred up the community when it brought the news. fear in a different shade. There were too many compliments for RE 2 and 4, many reviews said that the two parts were too excellent and maybe Capcom will not be able to do that feat again (especially after many remakes and season 5 and 6 is quite boring), Resident Evil 7 has responded perfectly to what fans have been waiting for.

The biggest change we’re seeing in this latest installment is the camera viewing angle. In recent years, many successful horror games have been released and it shows that the first person perspective is really the perfect choice to increase the horror. With the first person perspective, Resident Evil 7 shows that I am ready to “test fire” and absorb new things to create the best experience for players. But does that take away the unique character of this classic series, when many people, after playing through its demo, have said “like Silent Hill P.T, like Outlast …”? Rest assured, because this is still a worthy sequel to inherit all the essence of this famous franchise!

More than 4 years since the release of Resident Evil 6 and really fans of the series have been really “hungry”, part 7 is officially released indeed at the most important moment of the pressure of time. Not only that, one of the best things in this section is that not only can satisfy the expectations of old players, but also those who are completely new to the series can enjoy it instantly, no. need to spend time re-playing all the previous installments or understanding the 20 years of the story being built.

Resident Evil 7 leads you in the role of Ethan Winters, the pitiful protagonist on his way to recover his missing wife and be dragged to the Louisiana area. Here, he witnesses horrifying events, then is kidnapped and tortured by a family of cannibals, claiming to be the Bakers. Skillfully guided, the plot of RE 7 is completely independent but still carries the breath of the entire game series, making us feel like we are back in the early days when the zombie pandemic just broke out. . The cleverly integrated elements make veteran fans burst into delight when seeing how this seemingly discrete story is closely linked with the previously familiar RE world, but it does not make people. new and overwhelmed by so much strange information. There will be a lot of “echoes” from the previous installments included in this section. Dulvey, Louisiana isn’t Raccoon City, but like the first installment, RE 7 is set around a single house. Most of the opening time of the game is spent for players around in the Bakers’ house, not simply exploring, but for players to remember every corner of the way here. This is extremely important and helpful to help you hide or run safely as quickly as possible.

As mentioned, the first-person perspective really brings the fear in Resident Evil 7 to a new level. Since the first part up to now, it can be said that there is no part that makes players both panicked and desperate so much. As Ethan, an ordinary person, not a police officer or a fully armed commando, with full combat training, you’ll most likely find yourself running away like crazy if you don’t want to be killed in a barbaric way. Best. There will still be weapons and ammunition, but they are very few, so try to save as much as you can so that when it’s really dangerous you can still cope. Similarly, medicinal herbs are not generous to the player at all. So, 36 plans, escapes the upper book!

The weapons and weapons you find in the game are very different, and more importantly, the big guns are definitely much more powerful. While the pistol makes you feel like scratching your enemies, a shotgun or machine gun bullets can blow them away in no time. And aim at their heads, a precise gunshot in the head will save you blocks of ammunition.

RE 7’s fighting method can be considered quite standard in the Resident Evil series, when players will be much limited, high-level battles, not as easy as part 4 or part 6. Multiple threads The idea that switching to a first-person perspective in battle takes away the feel of the series, but no, this exactly brings Resident Evil 7 back to its most original in over a decade. Additionally, while the third-person perspective gives the player an overview of the situation, the first-person perspective greatly limits the player’s viewing angle. It makes the pace of the game seem to slow down, the player must be more cautious in each step, thereby making the nervousness even higher. Is there an enemy in the dark corner ahead? Or are they approaching behind? Not a moment is the player’s heart allowed to relax.

As we all know, Resident Evil 7 was also tested with the option to play in VR, as if to further realize a nightmare. But in the opinion of those who have experienced, VR is not the best choice. The most common problem that continues to happen is that players easily feel dizzy, disoriented. The dark and underexposed areas in the game are especially dim and even darker if you’re using VR. If in normal mode you can still see the controls easily, then wearing the VR device is much more difficult.

Left graphically, we can only describe in one word: AWESOME! Even in the early game scenes, you are so overwhelmed by the detail and reality of the image, thinking you are watching the footage of a movie, not the 3D graphics. With full 4K and HDR image technology supported by PS4 Pro, Resident Evil 7 is truly one of the games to make the most of these technical advances. Since the light of a candle can make you dazzle if you look too long, or the dark space can glow under a speck of fire, the true color of the light is measured with incredible accuracy. With a high-tech TV, you have the perfect package to enjoy the fascinating nightmare that Capcom brings.

Along with the great visuals comes the excellent sound design. In the horror genre, sound accounts for more than half of the game’s success factor. This game has really made the most of the most effective “tricks” to scare players. The suspenseful music always knows how to surge every time you go through a dark hallway, tense, decoding a puzzle that makes players fear that the enemy’s hand will stick out and twist his neck. The sound of objects falling to the floor from an empty bottle, a door slam from an upper floor, or rustling pipes all make us creepy, nerves tense like strings and ready to run away or counteract surprise attacks. But even when we are least protected, they jump out.

And cannot ignore the ingenious acting of the dialogues as well as the narrative, has contributed significantly to making Resident Evil 7 terrible but still full of charm. The secrets gradually revealed, the hosts were infected in a completely different form that could not stop the curiosity of any player. T-virus has become so familiar and veteran players can tell a lot about its unique history, but this new virus is completely different, giving us a lot of questions to answer. Capcom has always done a great job in the cutscenes, photos, diary pages and many other clues players will find while exploring the Baker family’s house.

The only unfortunate thing is that Resident Evil 7 still repeats the huge downside of the entire series: boss battles. In the game there are many bosses, and they will make the player extremely inhibited. You collect ammunition and medicine throughout the process just to confront them, only to realize that the ammunition doesn’t matter, and you just have to run in panic and fight back without knowing when they will die, or whether my attacks have any effect on them. Fortunately, these inhibitions are still saved by the game circuit and cleverly designed gameplay. The hiding and survival elements of Resident Evil 7 are emphasized and done very well, you never get bored when challenges are constantly being asked.

Ultimately, we can be completely satisfied to say that the wait for the sequel to the long-running Resident Evil series is completely worth it. We may only hope for a portion of the game playable, but Capcom has actually delivered stellar results! The changes of the game do not lose the essence and soul of the entire game series, but they are the necessary and legitimate transformations before the trend of the times. We can see these as the revolutionary transformations that Capcom has dared to accept and turn around to really bring Resident Evil forward in the new era. Can Resident Evil 7 stand the same time to become one of the most classic series of the series like the first or 4th season? That still has time to answer. But no matter what, this is an excellent game and deserves the next step to bring Resident Evil 7 into a new era of horror genre. Even for those who know nothing about it, Resident Evil 7 will still be a memorable and great experience to try.