Madden NFL 21 – Evaluated as worst in all series but still Outsold Madden 20

Despite a lot of criticism from players, Madden NFL 21 still outperformed the previous year’s release by 20% for its first week, becoming the sixth best-selling game of the year to date.

Every year a new Madden NFL game comes out, and every year the marginal improvements and new additions feel like just enough to keep the series moving forward. This year, however, things feel a bit different in Madden NFL 21.

Despite the introduction of the surprisingly fun and unique The Yard mode, the list of persistent issues, neglected features, and new annoyances is growing quite long. So even though the underlying moment-to-moment football gameplay has continued to make progress with its fine-tuning refinements, just about everything else is underwhelming, including technical performance.

“Over the past 21 years, the Madden NFL franchise release owned the best-selling game of its release month, becoming the best-selling sports game and the 3rd best-selling video franchise. in US history, “according to game industry analyst Mat Piscatella.

Seann Graddy, Madden NFL’s executive producer, said: “After one of the most successful years in the franchise history, fans are more infatuated with Madden than ever before. Over the past few weeks, they’ve been showing off. through a lot of feedback and enthusiastic participation with Madden NFL 21 ”

A Face Only A Mother Could Love

This year’s version of the story-driven campaign mode is called Face of the Franchise: Rise to Fame (as opposed to last year’s QB1: Face of the Franchise), and it’s a genuinely bad story built around a paper-thin illusion that your actions and choices matter. You start all the way back in high school as the backup quarterback to local legend and rival, Tommy Matthews. Matthews is voiced by Tye Sheridan (best known as Cyclops from the recent X-Men movies) but the character is written in such a way that I can’t help but roll my eyes anytime he shows up. Everything centers around Matthews’ health condition and your internal struggle to support him and the team or capitalize on the opportunity to take over. Performances feel phoned in, animations are poor, and some of the most crucial scenes are inexplicably devoid of all voice acting.

Bring All The Boys to The Yard

The big new mode this year is called The Yard, and it has proved to be a bright spot in Madden NFL 21 even if it comes at the expense of other modes. At first glance it seems a bit like NFL Street or NFL Blitz, but it’s actually nothing like those at all. Instead, The Yard is a completely new way to experience American football: a 6v6 mode that pits superstar-caliber players against one another in a ludicrously silly but oddly captivating backyard game. The closest comparison would be that it’s trying to emulate how you may have played football with friends at school during recess, with fluid rules, lots of movement, and everyone lining up on both sides.

The success of Madden NFL 21 is surprising, as it was previously mentioned as one of the most underrated games in the history of the Madden NFL franchise. On Metacritic, the game was rated 0.4 by PC users – showing that the level of negative reactions to this game was absolutely overwhelming. However, critics have made neutral remarks in many ways, saying that “The innovation in the gameplay design of Madden NFL 21 allows players to expand control and inspire creativity.”

For critics, PS4 and Xbox One didn’t make much difference when running Madden NFL 21, but users were different. User score dropped to 0.2 for PS4 and 0.4 for Xbox One. Many people complained that “the new installment makes no difference”, a few users commented that the game “had many glitches and bugs” on release.

Experts have come to think of the COVID-19 as an external to explain the success of Madden NFL 21, as gamers are eager to get any new releases they are interested in. However, the game’s continued success suggests another reason is that the game’s avid fans are not ready to give up the franchise yet.

Madden NFL 21 is a great example of why competition breeding innovation is a good thing. Without a comparable NFL experience on the market, EA has allowed its marquee sports franchise to fall behind in almost every significant way. In a world where its contemporary sports games continually evolve with innovative new game modes like NBA 2K20’s Neighborhood, deep franchise options like MyCareer, MyTeam, and MyLeague in the NBA 2K series, or even the cinematic story mode from EA’s own Fight Night Champion a boxing game from 2011 Madden’s lack of innovation has reached a tipping point.

There is no excuse for Madden’s stagnation. I appreciate the tweaks to the core gameplay and the chaotic novelty of The Yard, but that isn’t enough to make me want to sing its praises.

Upcoming releases include FIFA 21 on October 9 and NHL 21 on October 16. Also, later this year, EA is also bringing in updates for FIFA 21 and Madden 21 alongside the launch of Sony’s PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X.