Guide to Playing The Forest from multiplayer’s experiences to Conquer High Rankings

The Forest is an interesting open-world horror survival game not only in context with beautiful graphics, but also attractive with the surprising interaction relationship between players and NPCs that are supposed to be enemies of friend. However, this is not an easy life, especially for those who experience this genre for the first time. Hopefully, the experiences shared by gamezity will help you “live better” in the existence of this poisonous forest in the first day. In the days that follow, you are free to process it based on what has been shared.

How to play The Forest: physics keys

When you refer to the plot of The Forest, you will certainly see the game with extremely challenging content and extremely diverse gameplay. Players will have to fight the lurking threats, fatigue and changing ambient temperature.

However, no matter how harsh the situation is, you still have a way to survive, especially the manufacturer has made shortcuts for you to use at any time. Just press the B button if playing on a PC or the arrow button above if you’re playing PS4 to see the keys that you can use in the game.

Not only that, players can perform many actions such as building houses, creating villages, foraging for food. Viewing the survival guide will not affect your online progress. However, you need to set up your own tactics before going to the tutorials.

The secret of surviving an airplane crash in game The Forest

After the plane crashes, you survive and can move, the most necessary task for you is to collect many items on the damaged plane. Food, alcohol, medicine, and aircraft axes could be found after the crash. Meanwhile, necessities such as cloth suitcases, snacks and soda can be used outside.
Learn how to craft items in The Forest to get as many items as possible.

Remember, when the accident occurs, your local friend will come to find out around the plane a few minutes later. You can choose to fight or hide somewhere until it’s safe.

Survival tips in The Forest game you should know

Before night falls, players should build a shelter for themselves in any way. If you do not want to tunnel you must choose a safe location for yourself by guiding survival.

After that, players must choose a place for themselves to hide and prepare the necessary items to protect themselves. You can cut down a variety of trees or use rocks. Once the shelter is complete, you can go foraging, explore what’s in the forest or find another more solid shelter.

If you are on an expedition, you are attacked by predators, you may be knocked unconscious and dragged into a cave. When you wake up, try to run as fast as possible.

Some tips and tricks for playing The Forest

The best way to play the forest is to be vigilant at all times of the day. Because small tribes scouting groups can spot you in the forest at any time. To stay away from natives, you can follow their regular activity habits during the day or stay away from fires at night. And if you burn a donkey at night, be careful where you are because your local friend can investigate strange sparks that are not theirs.

The more you affect your surroundings, the more indigenous people will pay attention, and the more and more your work invades their territory, the more you are at risk and at greater risk of attack. .

The most sensible formula for The Forest game is to restore and prolong the character’s strength by giving them a reasonable living and activity mode. Eat, sleep well and rest quietly and sleep on the wooden benches. You can also give the character a soda can to increase recovery immediately. However, soda is a limited item and use it at the right time when needed.

You can go to the detailed game guide section to find instructions on other games.


Above are some tips on how to play The Forest for gamerplayers. Hopefully, through the article of gamezity, you will equip yourself with more knowledge to experience this fascinating survival game.