Full Guide to Playing Starcraft 2 for newbies

Many new players starting to play Starcraft 2 often struggle because there are many new things in the game. In this article, gamezity will guide you to play Starcraft 2 for new players. The following instructions not only guide you through the modes of game play but also contain many interesting things. Let’s see !.

Some information about the game Starcraft 2

Before going through some tutorials on how to play Starcraft 2, let’s go over some key features of this game. To understand, although this name is quite strange to many people, but is “loved” so much.

Starcraft 2 is a game released by Blizzard – this is a game company known for its expensive paid games. But the quality of the games they release to the market is undeniable.

When participating in the game, you will get acquainted with 3 main races including: Terran, Protoss, Zerg. Based on the skills and preferences of each person, you will use all means to protect your species.

You can download starcraft 2 for free here.

Terran – Human race

According to the Game Hot Blog information updated from many sources, the Terran race is the race that represents man. The residents here have a nomad-like lifestyle. This is the most special race in the game that has the ability to move their house and is interested by many young people when learning how to play starcraft 2.

Once you get used to the gameplay in Starcraft, you will find that this race has slow fighting style and very good defense. So if the enemy invades then blocking the gate with terran in Starcraft 2 is not too difficult.

Protoss – The robot race

“Guide to playing protoss starcraft 2” is the keyword that many young people are looking for when coming to this game. This is the race that represents the generation of technologically advanced robots. When compared to the other two races that are Terran or Zerg, the Protoss have a much stronger attack power. But in terms of defense, the robot is quite weak. Suitable for gamers who like public.

In other fast-paced battles, the Protoss often use lightning attacks or preemptive attacks. If anyone is not familiar can be suffocated under the attack of this race.

Zerg – Insect race

It can be said that starcraft 2 is a very good game when there are 3 races with their own characteristics. And if you say especially, the Zerg is probably the most special because this race represents insects. Compared with the two races above, the Zerg are quite inferior in appearance and cheap items. But their advantage is that they can change their strategy in a flash, not to fight in the same way as the other two races.

So, Zerg is loved by many gamers because of its fast and extremely flexible style.

Simple Instructions to play Starcraft 2

After you have grasped the most general information about the game and available races, learning a little about how to play is what you should do.

Game’s interface

When you start the game, your screen will appear with pictures of galaxies in the universe. Where the 3 main races in the game are at war with each other.

Some terms in the game

Single Player: players will play alone and fight with whom the game writes.

Campaign Editor: This is a function that helps create maps according to your own preferences when you are too bored with the maps available in the game. This feature helps players demonstrate aesthetics, creativity, and out-of-band thinking. From there you can play Starcraft 2 online or fight against the computer.

Version 1.16.1: This is the version suitable for players on popular networks such as: Garena, Iccup, …

Instructions on the game

Since players may not have entered the game yet, we will show you how to play with Computer

When the boot screen appears, click Single Player, choose Expansion, click NEW ID to name your account, then click OK.

Next, a menu screen will appear, including the following:

Load Save: This function helps you to reopen the previous unfinished or saved game. For the first time player, no need

Play Custom: This way you choose to fight Computer.

Load Replay: This function allows you to review the matches you have played before

Select the battle map: the right side of the screen will have map parameters, map name, size, number of people participating in the battle.

Game type: Melee (all races controlled by Computer will allied against you), Free For All (Computer controls the other two races to attack each other, neither side is an ally of either side). Speaking of which, you probably already know which mode to choose.

Choose your race (race) and you can choose for Computer if you play Free For All. Then click OK and start fighting okay.

Note: from the moment you start the game to performing the above steps only takes about 1 minute, not as long as explained above.

Instructions on the interface when entering the game

Mini map is a section that helps players see the entire battle map or the expanded map compared to your vision now. This section of the map allows you to mouse click to move to the points of interest. Those who are close to you and want to attack the map will also signal.

The interface will display information about units or buildings in the game (Building).

Players can customize options such as game speed, mouse, sound, lighting, keyboard, shortcut list,… to play the game more easily. Below will be your avatar, when you click on the avatar, the main screen will show the soldiers or buildings right there.

You can choose from a menu of actions with your troops and buildings. On-screen examples are actions a Probe can perform, such as: attack, repair, move, stop, exploit, and build a house.

On the screen will display parameters such as your resources and the number of people and troops. The examples on screen have: 50 minerals, 0 gas, 4/9 people (maximum 200/200).

How to play starcraft 2 online to win AI

Previously, playing against AI on the computer was not easy because there were not many supporting articles. Because then many people will think that pre-programmed machines should be smarter, harder to win. But with the Starcraft 2 game guide below, winning the computer is no longer a concern.

Accordingly, to win when playing Starcraft 2 offline, you need to comply with the following rules:

Step 1: You should do things like buy people and mine minerals. In this step, one thing to note is that you can use gas to upgrade soldiers or buy high-level soldiers.

Step 2: Build a solid house, focus on investing in buying soldiers. Research all possible measures to safeguard your base.

In case you are lacking the skills to build a house or buy soldiers, there is no need to worry. Just click directly on the required unit, the question will appear and follow the instructions.

Step 3: In the popular articles on the Internet about how to play Starcraft 2, they definitely have a caption for you to collect as many soldiers as possible. And within the framework of this article allows, we would like to reveal to you that, the more soldiers you own, the higher the rate of winning the computer will be.

Next, note about in-game cheats

During online Starcraft 2, you will see many cheats appear to help you win against AI. However, these cheats can only be used while you are in Single Player mode. So, please carefully consider the following notes:

Perform press Enter -> record cheat -> press Enter quickly to use it

Find more gas and minerals at the cheat Show me the money

Expand the map in cheat Black sheep wall to make it easier to fight.

Focusing on investment in soldiers and construction of works in Operation cwal.


Above are some instructions to play Starcraft 2 to help gamers experience the best game. Hope you will contribute more comments for Blog Game Hot so that we add more great articles for you.