Blade & Soul – MMORPG blockbuster in top of Asia

As long as you are a lover of online games, especially the MMORPG genre, Blade And Soul will definitely not be a strange name for you. Since its first launch in 2012, the game has become one of the most attractive products in the Asian gaming industry, attracting tens of millions of players to Korea, Japan, China, and Taiwan, North America, America, etc.

As a popular open-world role-playing game, fantasy adventure (MMORPG) on PC, and released in Vietnam by Garena company, Blade & Soul has become a phenomenon at the time of launch and well received by Vietnamese gamers. Until now, through many updates, this is still a game with a good number of players and is still Garena’s pet chicken next to League of Legends or Fifa online 4.

Blade & Soul features a combination of martial arts inspired by combat and contempt in an open world environment. Players create playable characters to explore the world around them by completing missions assigned by different NPCs. The game uses a real-time combat system in a third-person perspective and requires the player to “combo” a series of attacks, like many parallel games of the same type. According to NCsoft, the game also introduces an innovative mechanism called “Downed”, allowing players to restore the edge of life and death.

Players begin with “player versus game creation” (PvE) but can participate in “player versus player resistance” (PvP) later in the game. According to the developers, Blade & Soul will provide a highly customizable system and say that all NPCs in the game are done with a character customization system. Customizations that players have access to include hairstyles, facial structure, eye color, height and body options. The character can be one of four playable races based on the four spirits: Dragon, Unicorn, Turtules, Phoenix.

Not only possessing the outstanding configuration as well as the graphics platform at that time, Blade And Soul also made players ecstatic by the rare mythical and magical properties in the storyline, thereby building a system. The gameplay system is deep and always contains countless interesting secrets waiting for players to discover.

Besides, the new and attractive non-target action role-playing gameplay with the maximum guaranteed balance in the game makes it rare for any player to take their eyes off the screen, once entering the game. dramatic and fiery battles of this game.

What’s more special in Blade and Soul also comes from the skill combo system, as well as the requirement to accumulate Soul points so that players can launch special combos. Soul points will increase over time, but usually increase faster when the player unleashes normal attacks or blocks an opponent’s moves.

And after nearly 5 years of waiting and watching the blockbuster Blade And Soul, perhaps in the near future, the Vietnamese gamer community loves 3D ARPG in particular and Korean games in general will burst with emotions when they know Garena Group are planning to launch Blade And Soul exclusively for Southeast Asia market in 2017 with 4 language packs to support Thai – Chinese – English and Vietnamese players. In particular, there will be PVP tournaments involving solo or team vs team fighting stations in accordance with the e-Sports nature, which Garena periodically organizes for gamers across the country to compete with each other.