Top of Intellectual Games for children to help them smarter

The games on the market today are mostly addictive ones, which take time and affect the health and intelligence of the players. So parents often forbid or restrict their children to play games. However, not all games are bad, but other than addictive games, there are also fun games that stimulate the mind made specifically for children. Here, gamezity would like to reveal to you 10 intellectual games for children to help your baby smarter.

Intellectual game for kids: Sprinkle

In this game, your baby will use the tools available in the game to pour water to extinguish the burning fire in the village. If the fire burns too long it will burn down the whole village.

The game is very realistic when children have to apply the laws of physics and chemistry to control the water to the desired place. But do not worry too much because when playing, your baby will get used to it, no need to learn any more physics or chemistry. According to many parents, this game stimulates the child’s intelligence and trains the ability to be very patient.

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Intelligence stimulating game for children: World of Goo

The more this game plays, the smarter the baby will be. To solve difficult puzzles, children need to know knowledge on a number of areas in order to solve them. This game is suitable for children from 6 years old.

Because of the careful investment in the system of questions, answers, graphic design and sound, this smart game for this baby has won many prestigious awards.

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Game helps kids smarter: Puzzles with Matches

Puzzles with Matches, a match-match game called Puzzles with Matches, is no stranger to children, even those in elementary school. For adults it is quite easy, but for children it is not so simple. The more you experience, the more your baby’s intelligence will be logical and more intelligent.

The rules of the game are very simple, it does not take much time to get used to, but in order to match the match according to the requirements, the player needs many other factors. In which, elements of intelligence and ingenuity are extremely necessary.

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Fun game for kids: Feed the Penguin

Coming to the smart game for children Feed the penguin, your baby will be unleashed by drawing paths for penguins to eat all the cakes on the screen. There are 6 levels and 120 different levels for your baby to conquer, download this brain game for kids and experience with you.

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Intellectual construction game: Bridge Constructor

Bridge Constructor is in the top intellectual game for children with the most downloads with 30 levels for children to conquer. In the game, the child will be an architect responsible for designing and building bridges for vehicles to pass through. There are many types of terrain from easy to difficult such as rivers, canals, valleys.

Of course, to be an intellectual game, you must calculate the available game materials including sand, stone, and cement and appropriately distribute them to form a solid bridge.

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Number Island – Puzzle Game

Have you ever heard of the game Sondoku and the game Mines Detector? Number Island – puzzle Game is a combination of 2 legendary games above. Your child’s task is to complete islands with the same number of squares available in the area where you are building the island.

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Intellectual game for kids: Amazing Alex

Experience this smart game for kids, players will incarnate on available characters in the game, apply principles and thinking, children will rearrange objects and then knock them down according to very spectacular domino effect.

The game is made with eye-catching graphics, familiar character shapes, and vivid sound has helped Amazing Alex attract many parents to download for their children to play.

Conquering dance

Conquering dance is an intellectual game for all ages, especially children in elementary school. The gameplay of this children’s game is quite similar to the current HOT game which is the billionaire chess, you will be moved by the number of tiles on the dice achieved.

On the squares you can build planets, if you set foot on that planet, the player will earn a certain amount of money. Depending on the type of planet you choose, the money value will vary. In addition, the game also allows you to upgrade the types of globes to achieve higher bonuses. To play this game the most interesting, you invite a few more kids to play for fun.

Cool game for kids on Android: Start the rockets

If your child doesn’t like intellectual games, Start the rockets is a game that parents should download for their children to try. This is a fun game for kids that is extremely interesting with rockets, but will not cause as much damage as real-life rockets, but the vivid sounds and eye colors when the rocket explodes.

However, the intelligence of the game is that you have to arrange rockets so that 1 explodes, all the remaining rockets explode at the same time. It’s very interesting for you and your kids to experience it together.


Not all games are bad today, it is necessary that you have to be scientifically selected for your children to play. Parents should not be strict, but choose wisely according to the list provided. Hopefully, through the article, you will receive more useful things and these intellectual games for children will give you and your children the most relaxing and comfortable moments of entertainment.