Five of the best RPG games on iOS you should play

RPG game, also known as role-playing game, is a game genre that is very popular with young people today. In this article, gamezity will introduce to you Top 5 best offline RPG games on iOS, take a look at some reviews and download them for your mobile phone.

Hero Hunters

This is a good offline RPG game on ios with a 3rd-person shooter theme that is currently being released on many mobile device platforms. Although only recently released in 2018, but so far this ios offline role-playing game has been received and appreciated by many gamers.

In Hero Hunters there will be more than 40 characters for you to choose from and many additional items to upgrade the strength of the character.

Character creation in the game is made in the form of beautiful 3D graphics with many eye-catching and exciting colors. Players can equip armor and use many items to increase the strength of the character. In the game, 40 characters will have their own qualities, you will see this most clearly in the weapons they use.

Hero Hunters is made in the style of a 3rd person offline RPG game and you can coordinate many different strategies. With beautiful and vivid graphics and great sound, it is sure to take you on exciting adventures.

The difficulty will increase as you go through another level, through the levels you will have more items to upgrade your squad to become stronger. And please understand the qualities of each hero to build yourself the strongest lineup.

Download Hero Hunters game on iOS here.

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth is a game in the genre of RPG that is quite hot today, before they only appeared on PSP, now they appear on mobile. Currently, you can download the role-playing game ios offline on 2 mobile platforms, android and ios. However, you will spend about 16 USD to download this ios offline rpg game to your computer.

With the original version developed by tri-ACE, Valkyrie Profile is considered an impressive and interesting RPG game. In the game you will play a character named Lenneth – one of the three Valkyries and will be the embodiment of the Present (while the other 2 Valkyrie are Hrist representing the past and Silmeria representing the future).

Game Play of the game Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth is made in a turn-base style that is very familiar to many gamers, quite suitable for young people who want to experience this game on their phone.

Of course, Valkyries Profile: Lenneth will be suitable for gamers who want to experience offline RPG games on ios, which are bored with today’s interactive online games. Small tip to you is that the more often this game is played, the stronger the build will be.


Animus – Stand Alone

Animus – Stand Alone is an offline mobile role-playing game made in a typical “hacking” style. Under the constant efforts of the publisher 10Birds, this game has brought a new trend in the mobile role-playing genre. The game stands out thanks to the extremely beautiful graphics style and the gameplay is very “happy” hands. According to statistics, the game Animus – Stand Alone has thousands of searches and downloads every day.

This game will bring players to a ruined world where only the most powerful warriors exist. If you are a professional gamer and have ever experienced Bloodborne games on Playstation 4 or action role-playing game Dark Souls, then surely the name Animus – Stand Alone you cannot ignore.

Download game Animus – Stand Alone iOS here


To get a good rpg game for ios 2019 for gamers to experience, manufacturer ICEY has boldly improved the pc version to give players the feeling of the best immersive plow game experience on mobile.

Besides, you will find it very interesting to hear that this offline mobile role-playing game is created by an independent game developer. The mobile game still has many advantages of its predecessor, which was successfully completed. Although it only works with 2D graphics, what makes gamers fascinated will be that the game will open up many different stories depending on the behavior and gameplay of each gamer.

ICEY is an action role-playing offline game with 2-dimensional graphics. During the process of experiencing this great game, you will hear the sweet voice, full of charm from ICEY’s eyes and learn the truth about the world around her. This game on the PC version has been highly appreciated by gamers through the publisher Steam. We hope that as you experience the mobile version, you will also give similarly positive reviews.

Download game Icey on iOS

Shadow Blood

Join this good role-playing game for iOS 2020, you will be able to try through 100 levels in Campaign mode with countless weird-shaped monsters appearing on the way. With an easy-to-see intuitive interface and basic gameplay, players can easily control their characters and unleash many enemy-killing skills.

Besides, if you do not want to take a selfie with offline game mode, players can turn on online to challenge other players through PvP mode called Bloody Battlefeild. In this mode, players will have the opportunity to receive more money and rewards to upgrade their character more powerful.

As introduced above, the graphics of the game are very beautiful with clear, realistic 3d effects displayed on a compact phone screen. The context of the game is made from a third perspective, bringing a gloomy atmosphere, so it will feel both familiar and strange. This is also the point that will attract those who want to experience the offline mobile RPG game.

Download game Shadowblood on iOS


Through the article we have learned through 5 great offline RPG games on iOS today. Download these interesting role-playing games right away and experience it right away.