Yugi H5 – Magic card game that fascinates gamer players

If you are a childhood fan of the series King of Games with the main character Yugi is very famous, the magic card game Yugi H5 is a game you should not miss. The game was recently released and has been enthusiastically received by the local gaming community. Here, blog Gamezity would like to summarize for you a few of the main content in this game.

Introducing the very HOT magic card game – Yugi H5

Yugi H5 is a casual magic card game genre about cards. The game was first launched in the Vietnamese market in December 2017. The game gives gamers interesting experiences with attractive magic card battles like in the game king series. If anyone has read through this series, you will definitely enjoy experiencing this game.

A summary of the gameplay of the game Yugi H5

In the game Yugi Oh, the player will be given an initial score of 8000. In which, the player can set the base point reduction to 4000. The player will draw 6 cards from a deck of 40 cards. Once you are done, you can summon up to 5 monsters either manually or manually on the field. Players use these anime magic cards to fight until one side runs out of base points, the other side wins.

In order for players to play the game more easily, the manufacturer often organizes the distribution of Yugi H5 code to help gamers equip themselves with the best cards when stepping on the stage. Remember that the code of this game is very valuable, do not forget to miss it.

When entering the game, nowhere else will you meet the characters who used to be very familiar opponents to Yugi Oh. With each card, not only is strong, but depends largely on the player’s thinking and playing style.

The content in the game is very close to the original story

Yugi H5 has a play mechanism involved in magic card combat. Players can choose from a pre-set AI match mode or enter a room to battle other players. The plot part is considered by gamers to be accessible because they are closely related to the Game King.

Yugi H5 not only requires gamers to have strong cards to win, but must know how to fight and the strengths and weaknesses of each card. The transformations and combinations of the cards will make the match dramatic and generous for any opponent to challenge.

Currently, the game Yugi H5 has been distributed on the mobile platform and players can download the magic card game on the computer through the BlueStacks platform. If you are interested in other game genres, please visit our recruiting game section for more updates.


Through this article, gamezity briefly introduced you about the magic card game Yugi H5. In the next articles, we will cover how to play, the weight of some cards or how to get Gif code so you can experience the game better. Have fun.