Top 10 free survival games for PC or most worth playing in 2020

You are a lover of the survival game genre and are looking for a quality survival game to play, but are afraid to spend money on buying the copyright. To solve this problem, we would like to introduce to you 10 best free survival games for PC today.

Best survival game Ark: Survival Evolved

Those who have played through Ark: Survival Evolved have a general perception that the game is so beautiful. That’s right, really Ark: Survival Evolved is so beautiful, so beautiful that you can’t believe these are images in the game. Besides the quality of the images, the content of Ark: Survival Evolved is also highly appreciated. In the game the player will be dropped into a large environment full of dinosaurs. Here you face fluctuating temperatures, dehydration, hunger and many other dangers. To survive you need to gather, die with weapons, build houses and tame those ferocious dinosaurs. In particular, a very attractive point for Ark: Survival Evolved players is that in the game you can ride dinosaurs to fight with enemies.

Survival game at sea: Raft

Raft is a survival game voted by many players for the best survival game today. Coming to Raft, players will have to transform into a survivor of a shipwreck crying, when opening his eyes to find himself on a raft floating in a vast ocean with a hook in hand. The player’s task is to use this hook to pull objects that are floating on the sea and then back from there to assemble them into a base. The biggest danger in the game is the ferocious sharks tearing you apart. Although limited in space when life in the game only takes place on a raft, the game attracts a lot of players based on the unique and attractive gameplay.

Survival game: The Long Dark

A survival game for gamers who like solitude. The Long Dark focuses on portraying the atmosphere and environment of the character. Coming to the game, you will transform into a person lost to the cold north after a mysterious global disaster. There will be no war with Zombies, no bloody gun battles, no other players but you. Only you in the fight against the harshness of nature, with the ferocious animals and with your own weakness. With unique gameplay, The Long Dark promises to bring you a great experience.

Extreme offline survival game: Astroneer

This is a survival game with a pretty good story and completely different from many current survival games. Astroneer talks about an experiment in search of life in a distant planet, where humans have never set foot. You will be the chosen one to come to that planet, be away from your home family and start a new life in a place where you know nothing about it. Everything you need to support your life will be transferred from Earth up. In particular, on this planet, you will also meet people who share your goals. The greatest danger for you and these new friends will be sudden storms, difficult pressures and extremely extreme climates.

Horror survival game: The Forest

A survival game mixed with elements of scary horror for those who are weak and like. You will play the role of a victim who survives a plane crash and gets lost in a mysterious forest. Now, in order to survive, you need to have a solid home to cope with the harsh nature, set up traps to protect you from the ferocious wild animals. But that is not all, there is also a tribe of cannibals and worse than that, they are staggering, hungry with the intention of making you their meal. With a new game drag, The Forest promises to bring players many memorable things.

Unterned free survival game

A survival game, although created by a 16-year-old author, is very popular and in the top of the number of players on steam today. Normal game graphics, not very impressive, but enough to meet the needs of players, most importantly, Unterned possesses an extremely unique gameplay. It is a game of survival with depth in a world filled with Zombies built through a system of techniques, skills and profound survival experience.

Offline survival game: Portal Knight

It can be said that Portal Knight is a game for those who love Minecraft and Legend of Zelda because it is a game that combines survival gameplay, building construction in Minecraft and the role-playing action of Legend of Zelda. The feature of Portal Knight is that it possesses beautiful and easy-to-see 3D graphics along with action scenes that create interesting feelings for players in the battle to destroy monsters.

Zombie survival game extremely good State Of Decay 2

Are you looking for a survival game or talking about Zombie? If so, come to State Of Decay 2, this is a great game for you. The main content of this game is to show survival skills, good team coordination to protect yourself against the attack of the bow from the aggressive Zombie. After the apocalypse, there are only 4 people left, you and 3 other people will have to unite to fight the mutated zombies everywhere. In addition to fighting, people need to collect materials to build bases and entrenched here. State Of Decay 2 is an attractive game that you can hardly ignore.

Great survival game Fortnite

Since its release, Fortnite has always been considered a worthy competitor to PUBG mobile. Thanks to the gameplay, the graphic design is completely different from other survival games, Fortnite is highly appreciated by the gaming community. Fortnite with a story about the main character trapped in a wild place, where during the day players will find the weapons and items needed to prepare for the fight against the Zombie at night. The game has beautiful, vivid graphics that always inspire players.

Great and unique survival game Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a survival game with a horror element with a very different and attractive gameplay. In a game screen there will be one player playing the role of Killer and four other players will play the role of Survivors. Survivors’ mission will be to flee from Killer’s hunt, because when captured they will be tortured and killed. However, this is quite difficult in a terrain that you are not familiar with because each game screen will change different environments. With the new gameplay, attracting Dead by Daylight is a game that is highly appreciated and loved by many gamers today.

Above are 10 free survival games for PC extremely good for you. Coming to these games, you can rest assured to play the game comfortably without having to spend money.