Top 10 best motorcycle racing games 2019 for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Whether you are using a smartphone or a computer, playing racing games always brings a very interesting entertainment experience. Here, Gamer Community would like to introduce the top 10 best motorcycle racing games 2019 for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. These games have received high praise from casual users as well as veteran gamers of the motorcycle racing series. Our experts have tested all of these games and found it to work perfectly even on low-profile devices.

1. Best motorcycle racing game 2019 – Bike Race Free

Bike Race Free is one of the most downloaded games from Google Play. Because, it blends a lot of fun from racing. If you really love racing games, you should try this game right away. The game is produced by developer Top Free, one of the leading developers of racing games on the Google Play store.
The game also supports multiplayer options with 16 cool racing cars and 152 racetracks with simple controls. Beat your friends or any racers so you get stars and unlock new levels with those stars.

2. The most attractive motorcycle racing game 2019 – Death Moto 4

This is a pretty attractive racing game with a gameplay similar to RoadRash, a racing game that has been associated with the childhood of many people. During the race, you will speed up with other racers while picking up items to attack or throw at other racers. The more riders you defeat, the more helmets you will get to unlock valuable cars. During the race you will also be adding nitro, so try to accumulate as much nitro as possible so as not to fall behind.

3. The hottest motorcycle racing game 2019 – Racing Moto

In fact, you will never be able to drive at the speed of 220 km / h but with Racing Moto nothing is impossible. You will play as a racing racer at incredible speed at rush hour. Besides, you also run through many places such as deserts, cities, seas, forests and bridges.

4. Best 3D motorcycle racing game 2019 – Speed ​​Moto

Do you want to play racing game with 3D effect? Then Speed ​​Moto will be the number one choice that you cannot ignore. The game is designed in 3D with beautiful visual and sound effects and the fun that the game brings will make you unable to stop playing. Similar to Racing Moto, in this game you will also have the opportunity to race in the city suburbs, forests, snowy mountains and bridges.

5. Best motorcycle racing game 2019 – Drag Racing: Bike Edition

Creative Mobile one of the leading game developers on Google Play has created another great racing game called “Drag Racing: Bike edition”. In the game, you can enjoy a realistic moto race and amazing graphics that are fully optimized for tablets and high resolution devices.

The game has 17 super fast sports moto with the ability to challenge other players in online mode and share your scores on Facebook.

6. Best obstacle racing game 2019 – Motoheroz

In MotoHeroz Android game your goal is to drive to overcome extremely difficult obstacles along the way. Besides, you will have to collect coins to use in car upgrades. In addition, there are still many interesting things in the game waiting for you to explore. You can unlock new rings by defeating opponents, finding hidden treasures, upgrading vehicles and competing with friends to see who is the fastest. Ranking is also one of the strengths of this game. You can see the timelines of players around the world and try to beat them to get high rankings in the leaderboards or compete directly with your friends.

7. The most graphic motorbike racing game 2019 – Traffic Rider

The quality of graphics in Traffic Rider is worthy of two words: Free! From the scenery, traffic on the road to the weather and accidents, all portrayed very authentically. You will feel like you are at the wheel. In the game is equipped with up to 20 types of vehicles, and you will start from the most “corny” scooter, but there is a day when you “come to life” another supercar (if you can accumulate enough money to buy).

8. Best high speed motorcycle racing game 2019 – Highway Traffic Rider

Highway Traffic Rider is a high speed motorcycle racing game. The game offers many attractive game modes, diverse environmental types, along with realistic physical effects, simulating vivid weather conditions. Besides, multiplayer mode: Race 1-1 with millions of players around the world. Beat other players to win prizes. Climb the leaderboards and show the world who is the toughest racer.

9. Best motorcycle racing game 2019 – Traffic Rider: Multiplayer

The game has the same graphics and sound quality as the two above representatives. It is true that the name says it all, Traffic Rider: Multiplayer also has a very attractive online racing mode.

10. Best 3D motorcycle racing game 2019 – SBK14

SBK14 is highly appreciated compared to other Motor racing products of Digital Tale released before with improvements in sharp 3D graphics, sound and more realistic details. Not only that, the environmental and sound elements are also quite harmonious, players can feel like participating in a real race with cheering cheers from the audience, weather, surroundings … same diversity.